Sprucely Gent is an site dedicated to helping men get and maintain their spruceliness.

Here you’ll find

  • over 100 how to guides, covering topics such as beard care, grooming, growth, shaving, making sure that your facial hair is kept looking it’s best.
  • over 100 guides showing you how to best take care of your facial hair, with tutorials, guides and recommendations. These are based on decades of personal experience.

If you’re wondering

  • Show I use beard vitamins
  • Do beard vitamins work
  • How to trim a goatee evenly
  • How to trim your beard neckline
  • Do you really need beard scissors
  • What are the benefits of beard oil

Then you are in luck as the topics above and many more have been covered and there are many more to come!

So who started Sprucely Gent? Hi! I’m Adam, Editor and your adviser on how best to grow your beard, based on years of personal experience.

I started this website as I have over 10 years of experience in growing and caring for a beard, I’ve experimented with many different beard oils, balms, scissors and other beard care techniques, finding successes and failures along the way.
Thanks to this experience I feel that I am an expert on how to properly trim and take care of your beard, I want you to feel confident in your ability to looking as sprucely as possible.

So when it comes to reviews how do I get a hold of the products? First and foremost I purchase the products from Amazon.com. Amazon offers free delivery, and stocks thousands of products. Secondly I speak directly to the creators of these products and they kindly second me samples to review for you.

How to get in contact

Just head over to the contact page, this is the best option when it comes to contacting me, i do my best to respond within 5 working days.

The different sections of Sprucely Gent

Currently the site specialises on beard maintenance, specifically covering topics related to beard scissors as these truly give you the best control of your trimming technique. Going forward further sections will appear covering all aspects of beard care.

3 ways Sprucely Gent teaches and motivates

1. How-To articles. Sprucely Gent will show you the correct way to use beard scissors, apply beard balms to maintain all day softness. When to apply beard oil for the best results. So Checkout the How-To library.
2. Answers to common questions. The FAQ section attempts to answer your questions. I tend to only answer a question if it’s been asked 3 or more times. So please feel free to ask me a question by email.
3. Best Of’s. The best of section will highlight the best beard scissors, balms, oils and much more. This will save you a lot of time and effort as we’ve done the hard work for your. Hopefully making your buying decision easy.