Does beard growth oil work? Should you buy it?

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I’ve a nice full and thick beard, it’s a bit wild and my wife is eager to give it a trim more often than I would like. Though it wasn’t always this way, did I find some miracle beard booster? Perhaps, I guess the real question is, should I use beard growth oil? Does beard growth oil work?

There are many reasons that a person will be blessed with a nice thick beard, firstly genetics, yeah we’ve all known that person, there you are in school, 14/15 still sporting that baby face, while there is that one lad who’s got 5 o’clock shadow at 9am! Genetically gifted.

Diet plays a key role, eating the right foods, will enhance your beards health which will lead to fuller and thicker growth… that said I’ve never really paid much attention to that, I like my whisky and I like my steak.

So you can indeed feed your beard from within, but what if that’s too much hassle or not effective enough, I mean there is only so much oily fish one can eat. This is where a targeted solution comes in, this is where things like beard vitamins shine, and where beard growth oils could be the answer.
So if you want a fuller and thicker beard then you should carry on reading.

How does beard growth oil work?

When I first heard of beard growth oil I scoffed, this stuff can’t work, I’ve used beard oil before, I’ve even answered the question about does beard oil work? So I was sceptical to say the least, just as i’m sure you are.

So how does beard growth oil work, well there are two ways in which these growth oils promote a thicker beard.

The first way is to ensure that your beard and skin are well moisturized, this prevents a build up of tough and a dry skin, this dry skin will make it harder for your beard hairs to work their way through which restricts the growth, the right beard growth oil will work there way into your facial hair pores getting right down to the root of the beard hair and enhancing your whisker’s elasticity, which in turn promotes speedy beard growth.

This growth won’t work if your beard hair isn’t healthy, so you’ll typically find that these oils will contain certain ingredients which themselves contain naturally occurring antioxidants, it’s quite common to find vitamin E within beard oils the reason for this is because vitamin E helps strengthen your beard hair by repairing damage done to the cellular membranes.

This makes the hair stronger and much more resilient, so your beard can grow faster, thicker, and longer.

The second way beard growth oils help you create a fuller beard is by including a known hair growth ingredient minoxidil (aka rogaine), yeah that’s right hair growth serum for your face! Now this works in about 40% of men, so it’s worth trying as you may be in that 40%, typically it takes about 3 months for the effects to truly start to show, so bare that in mind when picking a growth oil with minoxidil.

Minoxidil will work to increase the blood flow to your pores, which if there is a dormant root just waiting for the right amount of food before it decides to grow.

So by increasing the blood flow those additional nutrients or “food” will make their way to these drowsy roots and give them the jolt of energy that they need to sprout.

This sprouting is what you want, this this only works where a pore has a beard follicle present, but by encouraging those follicles to growth you’ll get a fuller beard.

Which ingredients should a beard growth oil contain?

Which ingredients should a beard growth oil contain

So with what’s been said above, there must be a set of ingredients that are must have’s for a beard growth oil.
Those ingredients which will bring the magic, and make your beard thicker and fuller right?

Absolutely correct, when you are looking at a beard growth oil you’ll want to make sure that these oils contain at following ingredients:

  • Argan Oil
  • Jojoba Oil
  • vitamin E

Those essential oils and vitamins will ensure that your beard has a fighting chance of growing on it’s own.

Now if you are suffering from a patchy or thin beard then you’ll want a beard oil that also contains the following in addition to the above.

  • Minoxidil

The inclusion of Minoxidil within a growth oil will ensure that those stubborn follicles refusing to grow will get everything they need to encourage them to sprout, which if you are in the lucky 40% of men will result in a thicker and fuller beard.

Vitamin E promotes beard growth

Vitamin e promotes beard growth

When looking for a beard growth oil, the key ingredient that you should be looking for is Vitamin E, Vitamin E promotes hair growth this is the main ingredient you want.

Argan oil etc just keep your skin happy, it’s Vitamin E that’s doing the hard work.

So make sure that your growth oil includes it on top of any other extra ingredient such as minoxidil.

When should you use growth oil?

So you know what your growth oil needs to contain, when’s the best time to apply this to your beard?

Well that’s up to you.

personally I use my beard oils and balms after the shower.

By applying my beard oils directly after my morning shower it gives my beard all day to soak up the goodness from the oils, these oils also act as a protective barrier from the cold and heat of the seasons.

How do you apply beard growth oil?

The way I do it directly after my shower is to be 8-10 drops into the palm of my hand, lightly rub my hands together just to coat them not to rub the oil in, then just massage my beard.

Firstly I make sure that one of my index fingers has some oil on it’s tip and I apply that straight to my mustache.

From there I just massage my beard, making sure to get right down to the base. Followed by a quick comb and then a brush and i’m ready for the day.

Will a growth oil thicken my beard?

Potentially, as mentioned above there are ingredients in growth oils that will promote beard growth.

There are also in some beard growth oils the inclusion of ingredients such as minoxidil which will encourage lazy follicles to grow and it’s the encouragement of these follicles which should result in you growing a thicker beard.

Does beard growth oil cure beardruff

It should do, ultimately beardruff comes from having dry skin under your beard, so by using a growth oil which contains Argan and Jojoba oil your skin should be well moisturized.
Meaning no beardruff.

Where to get beard growth oil from?

Personally I get my beard growth oil’s and other beard related goodies from Amazon, they hold the widest variety of brands, so they are my first port to call upon.

That said it is well worth checking out brands that aren’t on Amazon.

Is it worth making your own?

make your own beard growth oil

You certainly can do and we’ve put together an in-depth guide on making your own DIY beard oil here. It can be cost effective to do so as well, but keep in mind that you will need to find the right recipe for your tastes, remember there are many scents out there, and if you make your own you’ll need to emulate them.

You could also create your own scent that’s epic and unique to you!

Does beard growth oil really work?

So we’ve come to the end of this article, and to the conclusion and actually the whole purpose of this article.

Does beard growth oil really work? For me it’s a resounding yes, and i’ll tell you why.

I am in the unfortunately 60% of people that minoxidil doesn’t help, or at least I didn’t notice the areas of my beard that I considered “thin” getting any thicker.

So I didn’t get those benefits, as I got older those areas naturally filled in, sometimes that’s just the way it is.

However by using a growth oil that contained vitamin E my beard hairs grew thicker and quicker, my wife noticed it before I did, my beard went from needing a trim once a month, to and in her words “Constantly needing trimming”.

My wife trims my beard and after a week or so I would get “Your beard need a trim again, I’ve only just trimmed it!”

So for me yeah they work, my beards happy there’s no itchiness and it grows at a good pace. So as I said above, yup beard growth oils work and I do recommend them, though I’ll be envious if you happen to be one of the 40%!

Does beard growth oil work? Should you buy it?

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