Castor Oil: Is This A Secret Beard Growth Weapon? Will It Thicken Your Facial Hair?

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You have probably heard of castor oil, but may not be quite sure what it can do. Well, do you have slow beard growth, a thin beard, or maybe it doesn’t grow in some areas on your face? Hearing this you may be wondering is castor oil good for your hair? The answer is yes.

Definitely, castor oil is fantastic for your beard. Castor oil and hair loss, beard growth, and thicker beards have a pretty close relationship. This stuff contains a ton of nutrients and vitamins, all of which assist in helping you grow a thicker and fuller beard, not to mention that it will grow a lot quicker too.

What Is Cold Pressed Castor Oil?

What Is Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Castor beans come from the castor oil plant which grows in tropical conditions. These beans are shown to be high in the content of minerals, acids, and nutrients which all contribute to healthy hair growth.

Now, castor oil can be extracted from the beans by applying heat to the pressing mechanism. This results in a high yield of castor oil, however, the heat also kills off many of the beneficial nutrients and compounds which the beans contain.

On the other hand, cold pressed castor oil is extracted from the beans using the same pressing technique.

However, there is no heat involved. When castor beans are cold pressed the oil yield is substantially lower, but the quality of the oil is much higher thanks to the cold pressing technique that helps the oil retain more essential nutrients.

Another variation of this stuff is organic cold pressed castor oil. This means that the castor beans were grown without any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, and have not been genetically modified. If you are concerned with putting any of those horrible compounds on your skin, you may want to consider paying a little extra and springing for the organic stuff.

An even better version of this stuff is known as black castor oil. Black castor oil benefits are the same as with normal castor oil, but it has a higher amount of the great compounds that make castor oil perfect for beard growth.

There is a lot of evidence which shows that organic cold pressed castor oil prevents hair loss, plus castor oil can also greatly influence hair growth. So let’s continue and answer the question; Does castor oil grow hair?

Is Castor Oil Good For Your Hair?

The simple fact of the matter is that castor oil and beard growth are very closely related. It’s not like castor oil is the one and only miracle cure, and it’s not like your beard won’t grow without it. Yet when it comes to the question of is castor oil good for your hair?

The answer is a big and resounding yes. Let’s talk about some of the benefits that castor oil has about hair growth.

Hair Loss Treatment

One really neat aspect of castor oil and hair loss is that it can prevent it, that or even reverse the effects of long term loss. As we will mention later, hair loss can be due to damaged or unhealthy hair follicles, therefore better blood circulation may repair follicles and make them productive once again.

There is also the fact that castor oil has antifungal and antibacterial properties. Hair loss can be caused by a variety of things including pathogens, viruses, fungi, and bacteria, all of which damage your skin, cause infection and irritation, and cause hair follicles to become unproductive.

An antibacterial and anti-fungal element has the ability to fight off these pathogens and therefore allow your skin to repair itself, thus allowing hair follicles to be free of bacteria-borne damage. A daily dose of castor oil will combat hair loss like nothing you have ever seen.

Better Circulation

One of the biggest benefits that come with using cold pressed castor oil is that it stimulated blood flow to the scalp and to the skin. Good blood circulation is crucial for healthy hair and beard follicles, follicles which produce that thick lumberjack beard you are looking for.

Good blood circulation spurred on by castor oil means that your beard follicles will receive the nutrients they need from your blood to be productive. Increased blood flow will create stronger hair follicles that produce more hair in a shorter period of time.

This makes your follicles more resilient and allows them to grow hairs that are strong, long, and resilient to damage. Daily applications of this stuff will increase the health, efficiency, and productivity of your beard hair follicles without a doubt.

Split Ends & Breakage

Hair split end types

Another thing that castor oil is great for is to deal with breaking hairs and split ends. A big castor oil benefit has to do with providing moisture and hydration to your skin, the follicles, and the hair that grows out of those follicles.

The nutrients, fatty acids, and various vitamins in castor oil all go a long way in penetrating both your skin and your hair to make them smoother, softer, and a lot less dry.

This stuff is also good for smoothing out rough cuticles which helps the shafts of your beard hairs to retain more moisture than they could on their own. Massaging castor oil into your scalp and face on a daily basis can definitely help spur on hair growth. The moisturizing aspect of castor oil also helps to reduce dandruff too.

A Denser Appearance

The final benefit that is to be had from using castor oil isn’t quite as impressive as the rest, but it still does the trick regarding giving you a thicker beard. Castor oil is very dense and thick, which by itself is not that great, but it will actually make your beard look a lot denser and fuller. The thickness of the castor oil alone will make your beard appear bigger.

Castor Oil Benefits – How Does It Work?

As we mentioned before, castor oil has the ability to stimulate hair growth, repair damaged follicles, provide nutrients, and moisturize your beard hair too. In case you aren’t satisfied with knowing the benefits alone, we also have a little explanation regarding the exact ingredients that castor oil contains.

Ricinoleic Acid & Other Fatty Acids

This is a very important monounsaturated fatty acid, and castor oil is very rich in it. This is very scientific so we aren’t going to get too deep into it, but we will try our best to give you a simple explanation.

Ricinoleic acid is shown to increase the production of a compound known as prostaglandin E2. This stuff is known to cause your hair follicles to produce much thicker hair and has been scientifically proven to create thicker hair growth in both animals and humans.

These acids also have germicidal, anti-fungal, and insecticidal properties which combat microbial and fungal infections, 2 of the main leading causes of hair loss.

castor oil also contains several other fatty acids, one of which is shown to boost the natural production of testosterone in the male body. Testosterone helps your hair follicles to stay in their growth cycle for longer, therefore helping your beard grow thicker and longer with each growth cycle.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E

Another thing that is present in castor oil in abundance is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is great for hair and beard growth because it has great antioxidant properties. Antioxidants help to repair damaged cells, which includes hair follicles of course.

The damage to your follicles can be caused by various factors, yet Vitamin E seems to be able to do a good job at repairing all sorts of damage. Vitamin E also prevents tissue corrosion and the deterioration of skin cells and follicles. In other words, Vitamin E works to keep your hair and beard follicles healthy and productive.


The next vital component of castor oil is protein and castor oil is about 20 percent protein. A simple explanation as to why your beard will benefit from castor oil is because hair is by and in large made out of protein. Therefore, if your hair is made out of protein, you also need enough protein in your system for that same hair to grow.

Enough protein in your diet means that your hair will stay in the growth cycle for as long as possible, thus providing for a thicker and fuller beard.


Another essential element that you need for hair growth is energy. Castor oil is has a lot of glucose in it. Glucose is a complex carbohydrate, aka those things that your body turns to produce energy. Furthermore, hair cells are the second quickest growing cell in your body, and thus they need a whole lot of energy to grow. Castor oil has all of the energy your beard hair needs to grow.


There are hundreds upon thousands of positive reviews and testimonials all across the web which speak to the amazing abilities of castor oil regarding beard growth and hair loss.

One woman, who will remain anonymous, was suffering from postpartum depression and with it came hair loss. She eventually got over it, and her hair did start growing back, but at a very slow rate. She started using castor oil and her rate of hair growth escalated from half an inch per month all the way up to 2 inches per month.

When it comes to castor oil and beard growth, the results are also extremely positive. Men who have used castor oil report that just a few short weeks of application lead their beard hair to grow much faster. Men everywhere report that facial hair started to grow in places on their face where it didn’t grow before, not to mention that their beards are growing thicker and much longer too.

Men also say that their skin feels much smoother, itches less, and has a lot less dandruff too. Plus their beards, after using castor oil, were also much more hydrated and free of split ends. All in all the results are extremely positive.

How To Use Castor Oil

Using castor oil for beard growth and to combat hair loss is not very hard at all. All you need to do is to apply a generous amount to your face. Just wash your face and/or existing beard, comb the beard, and massage in the castor oil. Some people like to wash it off, but it will have a better effect if you leave it on.

Some people only use it 2 or 3 times per week, but for maximum results, daily use is recommended. To make things easier, you can always keep the castor oil in a small spray bottle so you can just spritz it on your face.

Our Recommendations

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Castor oil is great for your hair, your skin, and for dealing with hair loss, plus for beard growth too. There are of course better oils and worse oils, so we’re going to give you a couple recommendations to go with.

One of the best options to go with is NOW Solutions Castor Oil. This stuff is great because it comes with all of the nutrients that you need for beard growth, plus it has no odor or scent, no harsh chemicals, and is not very expensive either.

Another good option to go with is Pure Organic Cold Pressed Castor Oil. Unlike the first option we’ve given, this one has been cold pressed and therefore has a ton of vital nutrients and vitamins. This cold pressed castor oil has been naturally grown with no chemicals, it has no additives, no bad odor, and still comes with all of the benefits of the best castor oil around.

The Jamaican Black Castor Oil is another great option, and as we mentioned before, this stuff is chalked for of beard growth nutrients. This kind of castor oil is pretty pricey, but it does also have the highest concentration of nutrients you can find far and wide. This product also has some coconut oil in it, yet another great addition.

Final thoughts

If you think that you are stuck with a short, thin, and patchy beard, you need to think again because castor oil and hair growth may vary as well by synonyms. Using castor oil for beard growth is a great way to get that full beard you have always wanted. It’s full of vitamins, nutrients, and other minerals that contribute to healthier and more productive beard hair follicles.

Better hydrated skin and facial hair, more efficient follicles, less dandruff, less itchiness, and a longer beard are all things you can achieve with some simple castor oil. Any questions or comments you may have in regards to castor oil are always welcome.

Castor Oil: Is This A Secret Beard Growth Weapon? Will It Thicken Your Facial Hair?

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