The Only Guide You Need On How To Trim Your Beard With Beard Scissors

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Have you ever wanted to trim your beard with beard scissors, but didn’t want to take the chance of messing up? Lucky for you, I will teach you how to master this skill so you can achieve the look you want the old-fashioned way.

Before learning how to use scissors (or shears) on my long beard, I always turned to a beard trimmer only to find that it trimmed too much hair off. Don’t get me wrong, beard trimmers are fast, easy and reliable, but I feel that nothing beats the precision and control of using a good pair of shears.

Trimming your beard with scissors is a great skill to learn if you want to maintain your beard while keeping the length.

What you will need to follow this tutorial

A quality pair of trimming scissors

As the main tool used, a quality pair of scissors is important for creating a clean, even cut. Avoid using any scissors other than barber scissors. For example, you should avoid using the type of scissors your mother uses in the garden, the kitchen, or for crafts.

Also, for your own safety, do not use scissors that are already rusted or ones that will rust easily, in case you accidentally cut your skin.

A beard brush or comb

Using a quality beard brush or comb is also important. Other brushes or combs have sharper teeth that are more likely to give your beard split ends and can be irritating to the skin.

Beard brushes and combs are smaller, easier to manoeuvre and have smoother teeth that will not create split ends or irritation.

Beard shampoo and conditioner

Some men believe there is no difference between facial hair and head hair, when in fact, there is a major difference. Washing your beard with shampoo and conditioner made for head hair will leave your face feeling dry and your pores clogged.

For a clean beard that is free from buildup, you should use a good beard shampoo and conditioner. However, if you don’t have beard shampoo and conditioner on hand, an alternative is to use lukewarm water.

Beard balm or beard oil

Beard balm or beard oil is essential for conditioning your beard and minimizing flakiness. Aside from leaving your beard and skin feeling moisturized, beard balm will prevent frizz and provide additional hold.

how to trim your beard with scissors

If you are wondering how to trim a long beard with scissors or how to trim a full beard this process is the same for long, short or even full beards. The below is the proper way to trim a beard with just scissors, personally I do highly advise including a beard trimmer as it does make the job a whole lot easier.

Step 1: Preparation

Prep your beard by washing and drying it thoroughly. Ideally, you should use a good beard shampoo and conditioner to remove any previously used product (such as beard wax, balm or oil) as well as natural pollutants.

Once your beard is clean, dry it using either a towel or hair dryer. It’s important that your beard is completely dry because trimming your beard while still damp may result in a shorter length than expected.

Step 2: Comb Your Beard

Grab a beard brush or comb and stroke the hair down in its natural direction. Then, stroke the hair in the opposite direction to fluff up your beard.

Giving your beard a good fluff will allow all the hairs to come up and out so that no hairs are missed when trimming. Then, comb the hair down once again.

Step 3: Begin Trimming

It’s best to begin on one side of your face at the jawline and work your way down to the chin. This will allow your beard to keep the shape of your natural jawline.

Insert the comb up into the facial hair from the opposite direction of its natural growth to give yourself a rough idea of how much length you have and how much you want to take off.

Once you know how much length you want to take off, grab the scissors and begin snipping the hairs that protrude the comb’s teeth.

When your trimming facial hair with scissors, specifically for beginners, it’s a good idea to trim just the ends of the hairs and repeat the process until you reach a desired length. This will avoid the common mistake of accidentally over trimming.

Don’t forget the side burns, if you are wondering how to cut sideburns with scissors just do the same as mentioned above, small cuts, personally I keep my side burns short as for me it makes my beard look neater overall.

Step 4: Reaching Difficult Angles

The neck and chin areas when you trim facial hair with scissors are usually the trickiest areas to trim, due to the difficult angles.

When you come to these areas, patience and focus is key. It is more difficult to trim these areas as a beginner but becomes easier with practice.

Continue using the comb, and the same technique as before, but focus more on keeping a steady hand.

Step 5: Add the Finishing Touches

After you’re finished trimming, comb through your entire beard once more to ensure that all loose hairs are removed. If you see any hairs that you might have missed, simply snip the ends so that it is even with the rest of your beard.

Finally, using a beard balm or oil after trimming is optional, but recommended for a smooth finish. Beard oil will leave your beard moisturized and smelling great, while the balm will give your beard a shapely finish.

I genuinely hope that you found this article helpful. These are the steps I take when trimming my beard with scissors, and the process has never failed. Learning this skill has allowed me to maintain a professional look without giving up the length of my beard.

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The Only Guide You Need On How To Trim Your Beard With Beard Scissors
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